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Clive was born in Barcelona, Spain, in 1968 and grew up in India and Ibiza.From a young age, he learned healing arts from his mother and Hatha as well as Jñana Yoga from his father.

Yoga and Sports

Clive has always practiced a lot of sports and movement. Among others, he is passionate about dancing, martial arts, running, climbing, and surfing. Yet most of all, he is intrigued by different ways of challenging and moving the body. Having trained martial arts for 10 years in Brazil, Switzerland, Thailand, China, and Taiwan, Clive started practicing Iyengar Yoga under a Taoist Yogi in Thailand. This had a major impact on his path. For over 12 years, Clive Sheridan was his teacher. Clive joined his retreats in India and Europe and assisted him at his workshops in Zurich.

In 2002, Clive completed the Yoga Arts Teacher Training in Bali and Byron Bay. Later on, he also took part in two advanced teacher trainings led by Ana Forrest in the US. His teachers include Lance Schuler, Glenn Ceresoli, Martyn Hoogstra, and Louisa Sear whose retreats he attended an in whose classes he assisted.

Since 2006, Clive is studying under Glenn Black with whom he did the legendary Forest Yogi Training in Costa Rica.

He has been teaching yoga since 2000, working at all the major fitness centers in Zurich and giving classes at the leading yoga studios of Zurich and Switzerland.

In 2005, in cooperation with AIRYOGA, Clive brought the International Yoga Teacher Training into being, which was the first Yoga Alliance accredited course in Switzerland at that time. Lance Schuler, Glenn Ceresoli, and Clive himself figured as the course instructors. This program was the first of many more teacher trainings he conducted and coordinated in Switzerland and Germany.
Clive has taught retreats in India, Thailand, Italy, France, Greece, on Bali, and Ibiza.

After carrying out three yoga teacher trainings on behalf of bodyARTschool, Clive – together with Alexa Lê – now runs the International Yoga Teaching Program in Zurich, which features guest teachers like Remo Rittiner, Stephen Thomas, Michael Hamilton, and Glenn Black.

Clive’s teaching style is physically demanding, intense, and influenced by all kinds of movements. He places strong emphasis on breath awareness, but considers it equally important to always remember to smile and to enjoy – be it yoga or life in general. He adapts his teaching to the student’s level of practice and awareness.

When it comes to Clive’s own teachers, his deep gratitude is directed mostly at:


• Clive Sheridan – for the tantras, pranayamas and pushes
• Louisa Sear – for the inspiration and Ashtanga
• BNS Iyengar – for the “Indian way” and Ashtanga
• Lance Schuler – for conveying the positive power of asanas
• Glenn Ceresoli – for the “right” alignment
• Martyn Hoogstra – for the humbleness and a good deep flow
• Ana Forrest – for teaching how to teach and for showing the power of core training
• Dharma Mittra – for illustrating how to be physical and spiritual at the same time
• Glenn Black – for eye- and body-openers


• Yerpun Solar – for the countless rituals and healings, for “Shamanistic Jñana Yoga”, and for opening the doors to that dimension
• Ramesh Balsekar – for the mind games
• Jagdish – for dissecting the brain


Khyapa Baba – for finally meeting a true guru of Tantra and its meditations
With all these teachers and the passion to continue learning and progressing, Clive’s path has been a rollercoaster ride – but a delightful one.
May Hatha Yoga, Jñana Yoga, and Tantra keep spreading, leading to clarity, happiness, good health, and self-realization.